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A Space Ghost Christmas is the 12th episode of SGC2C. This episode is adult theme free. With guest Kevin Meaney.

Aired December 25, 1994.


No real plot. Just a christmas-themed episode with random clips from other episodes (these clips depend on when it airs on Cartoon Network) and also has a fair ammount of songs.


In appearance order

  • Up on the House Top
  • Deck the Halls (Gabba Gabba Hey)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Jingle Bells (Rock version)
  • We Wish You A Happy Birthday


When Space Ghost was saying Christmas is a warm time of togetherness, he originally says "That reminds me of the time Moltar was kidnapped!" this was changed to "That reminds me of the time Moltar escaped!" it only aired with the kidnapped words once.