Flipmode is the 82nd episode of the series and is the fourth episode of Season Seven.


Space Ghost and co. hosts a mystery dinner theater, involving him killing Zorak with a wrench, and loosening the gas pipes. By the way, the beans aren't on the menu. Murder is in this hilarious episode.


Space Ghost: What are these beans doing here?

Moltar: Oh, those must've fallen outta my hair. (Very awkward pause) Well your just makin' all this s(bleep) up. (Another awkward pause) Oh, what? You're the only one that gets to make s(bleep) up? (Another very awkward pause, then Moltar sighs) Those are part of the dinner.

Space Ghost: No they're not! They're part of the plot.

Moltar: They were on the menu.

Space Ghost: Murder is on the menu.

Flipmode (Transcript)


  • This episode oddly uses a static-engulfed version of the Williams Street logo instead of the Ghost Planet Industries logo.
  • This episode was rated TV-PG-LV, as opposed to the other episodes of Season Seven, which were rated TV-PG-L.
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