Space Ghost and Bjork's second wedding

Knifin' Around is the 80th episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast (if you count short version and alternate ending episodes).

Plot[edit | edit source]

Space Ghost wants to burn the new Radiohead CD, and he has Thom Yorke as a guest star from Radiohead. If he gets caught he may go to jail in Mexico. Meanwhile, Space Ghost tries to get away from his wife Björk.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Space Ghost: Where's all the glass?

Zorak: Eh... broke it all. I feel empty.

Space Ghost: Well, here's some boxes. Let's break those down so that they'll store properly.

Zorak: That's boring!

Space Ghost: You don't know from fun. This is responsible!

Zorak: I need what you have. I need a woman.

(Sound of a cell phone ringing. Space Ghost's chest phone is blinking)

Space Ghost: Hang, hang on.

Zorak: So that I can sell her organs to Black Sabbath.

Space Ghost: Zorak, please.

Zorak: Make me some money.

Space Ghost: (to his phone) Space Ghost's chest phone.

Zorak: You hear what I said?!

Björk: (over the phone) I have to say I'm a great fan of triangles.

Space Ghost: Well, I have to say that I am a great fan of Chuck Norris, and he was in the Delta Force, and the delta was a triangle.

Björk: The one that came up when I was eleven.

Space Ghost: Yeah! You know honey, all this talk about Chuck is making me want to get married all over again.

Björk: Yeah?

Space Ghost: Because at the Beta Barn, you get 20% off for each marriage.

Björk: (long pause) And what's your name again?

Minister: In sickness and in health... til death do you part?

Björk: Yes.

Minister: And do you, Space Ghost, take woman to-- (Space Ghost punches Björk over the mountain)

Space Ghost: (Fake-like) Oh, no! (Zorak does what he did to Björk)

Zorak: ......(Fake-like) Oh, no! (Moltar balls up a fist ready to do the same)

Moltar: Ha ha ha. (Fake-like) Oh, n--

Zorak: Don't.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The credits are actually shown in the beginning of the episode. The Ghost Planet Industries and Cartoon Network logos are shown at the end of the episode. A drumroll replaces the SFX during the GPI logo, and chimes replacing the "Skull!" during the Cartoon Network logo.

This episode is rated TV-PG-L, which is odd because the only time somebody swears is when Space Ghost says "He's your damn friend."

On the topic of swearing, this and Sweet for Brak are the only Season Seven episodes in which nothing is bleeped out.

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