The "One Man Show" Bit

Live at the Fillmore aka At Fillmore East is the 90th (and final) Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode.

The gang bailing Space Ghost out of jail

Plot[edit | edit source]

Space Ghost is in jail because he didn't have money to order his food, so they pay the bail bond with that week's show budget. Now they're going to do a show without cameras, and using an old episode's interview. But, since that doesn't work, Moltar says there's not enough of him punching him in the crotch. SG doesn't think it's great so he cooks an omlet. They try to get a robot to eat it but that doesn't work, so they do the crotch punching thing again. Now they're at a carnival, on rollercoaster tracks trying to spell out, "It is dangerous to stand here." But before they can, they get run over by a rollercoaster.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Zorak: I know what I'm gonna do. (Farts)

SG: Now there's somebody's who's using their ass. Way to fart with your ass, Zorak!

Zorak: Yeah, thanks.

  • Space Ghost and Zorak: ...We'd pay.

SG: The bail--

Zorak: The bail bond.

SG: With--

Zorak: This weeks show budget!

Moltar: You know we've had this conversation at least four times.

Space Ghost reviews what happened earlier

SG: Hey, here's an idea.

Zorak and SG: We'll use the old Susan Powter interview!

SG: That's genius! Where do you come up with this stuff? I'm promoting you!

Moltar: We've had this conversation at least five times!

SG: You know what? You're fired. Bring in the next candidate. (Moltar just stands there)

Moltar: Hey.

SG: Ah, screw it! You're hired and promoted!

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