Space Ghost Coast to Coast Wiki

SGC2C has recieved a number of ratings on Cartoon Network and [adult swim]. Here they are.


A very rare rating for this show. Transcript, Boatshow, and A Space Ghost Christmas are the only episodes with this rating.


A rather uncommon rating, only used on episodes in Seasons One to Four, like Elevator, Girlie Show, Sphinx, Lovesick, and Banjo. Warren and Pal Joey are the only Season Five episodes with this rating, and are also the final episodes with this rating.


The most common rating in the Space Ghost ratings. Almost every episode has recieved this rating. Seasons 7 and 8 are usually rated TV-PG-L due to swear words like "hell" and "damn" now being used.


The rarest rating ever in the show. Dreams is the only episode to have it. In Memory of Elizabeth Read and Idlewild South also received this rating on the [adult swim] website, even though they were rated TV-PG when they aired on TV. IMOER was also given this rating on iTunes.


Even though the word "crap" was said in Lovesick, it was oddly still rated TV-Y7.

Pavement was the only episode to have a TV-Y7-FV rating, even though there was no violence at all (with FV meaning "Fantasy Violence").

Edelweiss oddly received two different ratings. Once it was TV-PG, another time it was TV-Y7.