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A pod with guest star Steven Wright

Snatch is a Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode that aired in 1999.


Steven Wright appears as a guest star as replicating pods come into the Ghost Planet Studio. The crew tries to stay awake. Meanwhile, they are also trapped inside by a blob.

Memorable Quotes[]

Space Ghost: Oh no! Replicating pods! The kind that keep you up all night with their coughing!

Moltar: No. The kind that copy your DNA and kill you off while you sleep.

Space Ghost: ...With their coughing?

Moltar: Did you even hear what I just sai--

Space Ghost: No one sleeps with my grandmother!!! Right?

Zorak: Right........ from now on.

Space Ghost: This is for nana! (He shoots it)


Zorak: (To Space Ghost) Hey. Touch it. Go on! See what happens.


Steven Wright: Under these clothes I'm wearing... I'm wearing a balerina outfit.


Space Ghost: (To Steven Wright) We'll go get some coffee. If anything bad happens... to you... well. We'll be getting coffee.

Steven Wright: Hahaha, father you're my hero.

Space Ghost: Yeah, thanks.


Moltar: They just violated our air space.

Space Ghost: .....Bring me my monocle. I want to look rich.



Snatch Script


  • Neither the Cartoon Network logo or the Williams Street logo are seen at the end of this episode.
  • The original airing of this episode had a special scene at the end. Colonial Man (who later appears in Baffler Meal) is shown saying he doesn't know what happened to the guys, but says that viewers can bid for the ending itself on eBay. One fan-made website for SGC2C had some fan-made endings for this episode. As for the episode itself, the Colonial Man ending was on a bonus feature on the sadly now out-of-print Volume 5 box set, which was only available on the (adult swim) store, which is now closed down. The DVD can be purchased from Australia, however.