Our main man.

Space Ghost (real name Tad Ghostal) is the main character and host of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He is voiced by George Lowe.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Space Ghost himself is in his 30s (or possibly his 50s, as pointed out in Zoltran) and is rather kind, willing, and joyful. In later episodes, he is more stupid and gullible, and Zorak usually takes advantage of this. He sometimes is shown to be rather self-centered, as seen in Pavement. Despite now having a talk show, he still retains his heroic personality. At most times, he uses his Power Bands to blast Zorak (and sometimes Moltar) for being annoying, harming him or the guest, or sometimes just for no given reason. It is mentioned in an issue of the Cartoon Cartoons comic book that he has a short attention span. SG has even blasted his own guests, such as Dian Parkinson (for being just plain useless), Catherine Bach (for being unable to stop laughing at a comment made by Zorak, who stated "It's not funny!"), Nathalie Dupree (for refusing to cook for him), and many other guests. As shown in Sleeper and Art Show, Space Ghost sometimes just loses interest in doing the show (like in Sleeper, don't be sarcastic, Spacey).

Relationship with Zorak and Moltar[edit | edit source]

While Zorak is always ruining the show, Space Ghost actually views him as a close friend. Even though Zorak despises him and wants to make his life miserable. Moltar himself is more calm and friendly towards Space Ghost and sometimes doesn't even show his hatred for his boss, but still doesn't care for him. Brak might technically be SG's only true friend among the villains, even if he sometimes annoys SG.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the first two episodes produced (Elevator and Spanish Translation), Space Ghost (along with Zorak and Moltar) sounded more like his 60s counterpart. By Gilligan, George Lowe started having SG's voice sound more like his own voice.
  • Space Ghost also made cameos in Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Perfect Hair Forever. In fact, the Aqua Teens originated from Coast to Coast.
  • Space Ghost has an evil twin known as Chad Ghostal.
  • Space Ghost also made appearances in The Brak Show episodes Runaway and Enter the Hump. In Sweet for Brak, SG reveals that he's jealous of Brak's success.
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