The boxart for the DVD.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Volume One is the first DVD release of the show. It was released in 2003.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"What happens when a classic 60s Hanna-Barbera superhero gets his own late-night talk show? Pure, unmitigated chaos.

But instead we called it Space Ghost Coast to Coast: a much more marketable name, don't you think? It has a rhyming thing, and Hollywood types might actually want to appear on a show called Space Ghost Coast to Coast, rather than Pure Unmitigated Chaos. This was before the days of reality TV, remember.

Featuring Space Ghost, bandleader Zorak, producer Moltar, and many of their unsuspecting celebrity guest, this DVD contains the very first episodes of the Ghost Planet crew experimenting with their own post-modern, ill-timed, utterly hilarious brand of late night chaos. "Weird Al" Yankovic, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Judy Tenuta are just a few of the famous folks willing to risk their dignity on quite possibly the weirdest talk show in the history of all mankind. Ever"

-Taken from the DVD boxart

Contents[edit | edit source]

Disc One


  1. Elevator
  2. Spanish Translation
  3. Gilligan
  4. CHiPs
  5. Bobcat
  6. Punch
  7. Banjo
  8. Batmantis
  9. Story Book House

Special Features

Commentaries on Elevator, Batmantis, and Story Book House

    • "Elevator": Keith Crofford, Mike Lazzo, Andy Merrill and Michael Cahill
    • "Batmantis": Cahill, Khaki Jones, C. Martin Croker, Merrill and Matt Maiellaro
    • "Story Book House": Crofford, Lazzo, Dave Willis and Maiellaro

Concept Artwork

Disc Two


  1. Girlie Show
  2. Hungry
  3. Fire Drill
  4. Sleeper
  5. Jerk
  6. Urges
  7. Explode

Special Features

Commentaries on Girlie Show and Fire Drill

    • "Girlie Show": Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer and Crofford
    • "Fire Drill": Crofford, Lazzo, George Lowe and Maiellaro

Zorak's Jingle Bells music video (From the Christmas special)

Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

On the special features menu of Disc One, press left to highlight Zorak's belt and select it. You will see another music video from the Christmas special with The Council of Doom singing Twelve Days of Christmas.

On the special features menu of Disc Two, press left to highlight Moltar's helmet visor and select it. You will see a short of a live-action Space Ghost dancing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This show was one of two of the first [adult swim] shows to get released on DVD. The other is Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • Both this and Volume One of Aqua Teen Hunger Force are rather similar in design. The menus and boxart are similar.
  • The episode title, Contact Ghost Planet card, and Cartoon Network Production logos are missing from all episodes.
  • The post credits scene from Sleeper (with Slash left in the studio) is cut.
  • For Explode, the post credits scene with the Ghost Planet exploding is cut.
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