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The mantis of the quarter hour.

Zorak is Space Ghost's bandleader and one of the main characters on the show, as well as Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show. He is voiced by C. Martin Croker.

Personality and Background[]

Zorak himself is very evil and loves to ruin SG's show. He is usually rude to Space Ghost as well as his guests. When Metallica said that they are fans of Zorak, he insulted them. Space Ghost usually blasts Zorak for being rude, and sometimes for no reason whatsoever. Zorak describes himself as the "lone mantis of the apocalypse". In Zorak (episode), he revealed he survived the destruction of his home planet by crouching behind a rock.


Space Ghost

Zorak is SG's one true enemy, but they do get along at times. They might even have a "love-hate" relationship.


Moltar is Zorak's one true friend. They get along very well and love to see Space Ghost make a complete ass of himself. Rarely enough, Moltar and Zorak sometimes argue.


Brak likes Zorak as a friend, despite how Zorak treats him, he still finds him to be a good pal.


  • In one episode of The Brak Show, Zorak was revealed to be forty years old.
  • Zorak himself is one of the most popular characters in the show.