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The screen for Zorak's Here is Your Life

Zorak is the 42nd episode of the original run, and was the 8th episode of the fourth season.


Space Ghost hosts a "Here is your Life" for Zorak. He doesn't appreciate it.


Space Ghost: Zorak, here comes your life.

Zorak: (Groan) Can't we skip this garbage and go straight to the tacos?

Space Ghost: No, now pipe down.


Zorak: Being here today reminds me how much I miss prison.


Zorak: If we're really gonna do this thing I gotta go change vests.

(Commercial break)


Space Ghost: Do you recognize this voice from your criminal past?

(Metallus whirring)

Zorak: Nuh-uh.

Space Ghost: Oh.... well then, do you remember this voice?

Brak: Hi, Zorak. My name is Brak.

Zorak: Sssssorry. Doesn't ring a bell.

Space Ghost: This one?

Weird Al Yankovic: Hey, Zorak. You.... evil locust.

Zorak: Nope.

Space Ghost: GOD, WORK WITH ME, HERE! Now, do you remember this voice?

Cyclo: Hey, Zorak. Remember that cavity search Warden Smith put us through that one wacky New Year's?

Zorak: I give up.

Cyclo: You're not even trying, are you?

Space Ghost: Shh. Don't give him any hints.

Zorak: I don't know..... Steve?

Space Ghost: NO NO NO! Lord, man. Don't you know your own life?